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We offer Glass sunglass lenses for prescription glasses or non-prescription glasses, CR-39 plastic lenses, Trivex, Polycarbonate, polarized glass or plastic lenses or just about any lens material made.

Cable temples (wraparound temples), straight bayonet (Library temples) temples, skull temples and regular skull temples. Cable temples are available for almost any metal frame. We can convert your temples from skull to cable. Also have Cable Locks, a device that just slips on the end of regular skull temples and converts them to cable temples, when you don't need the "cable" feature you just slip them off and put them in your pocket.

We also have Removable Stick-on Bifocal lenses that you can put on you glasses and remove them when they are not needed, can act as "training wheels" for future bifocal use or just for special occasions when you need to see something up close.

This is just some of our services. We have been doing this for over 47 years, been a Ray-Ban authorized dealer for 36+ years, a military issue (now Randolph Engineering) dealer for 42 years.

In addition to offering new sunglasses, we also sell replacement parts for some glasses (Ray-Ban and Randolph Engineering Military glasses), like replacement temples, lenses, nose pads, frame fronts, complete frames for prescription use, frame repairs for metal and titanium frames, can put lenses in an old favorite frame you have that might have with scratched lenses (prescription or non-prescription).

While glass lenses are only about 3% of the overall prescription market, we still have labs and lens suppliers to make the majority of glass prescription lenses; flat-top bifocals, single-vision, trifocals, progressive lenses, occupational lenses, safety glasses, etc. We realize that there are still a lot of applications for glass lenses that no plastic lens can do. If clarity and scratch-resistance are important to you, then glass lenses should be a consideration.

We offer mirror coatings of almost any color, anti-reflection coatings by Zeiss, Crizal and others, anti-fog coatings, polished lens edges, etc.

Check out our site, especially our "Guide to Selecting Sunglasses" (click on link at top of this page), it has a lot of information that can help you make a sunglass buying decision, whether you buy from us or someone else.

You can also take a look at our black and white printed catalog, it's a PDF file, the link to get to it is "Printed Catalog/Prescription Information" located at the top of this web page.

 Randolph Engineering frame with Bayonet temples

 Randolph Engineering frame with Cable temples

 Randolph Engineering frame with Skull temples