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We are shutting down the business to retire. We'll miss so many of our customers who have become good friends over these 52 years, we would like to wish each and every one of you good health and a prosperous and happy life.

While we are in the process of selling down all our remaining inventory we will try to identify all our remaining original Ray-Ban lenses. We still have a sizeable number of original Ray-Ban lenses left over from when we used to have to buy complete Ray-Ban sunglasses and remove the lenses to use the frame for prescription lens installation. This was before they started offering the Ray-Ban prescription "frames only" without lenses. So we ended up with several hundred pair of brand new Ray-Ban original glass lenses with logos, some with the original B&L lenses, others from the newer era when Bausch & Lomb sold the company to the Italian company Luxottica (who owns it now).

Ray-Ban and Randolph Engineering complete sunglasses are all gone, we do have some replacement parts left and a fairly good supply of replacement lenses for them.

We no longer offer prescription lenses, we have cut our ties with the labs. So please don't send us your frame asking for prescriptions.

We ship to US Addresses only

How to communicate with us:

Since we have entered semi-retirement, we won't be able to take phones calls, best to contact us by email at hidalgos2020@gmail.com.

Website orders are handled a little differently than the old phone method, due to new credit card security, we no longer have access to your complete credit card number, so if we need to change the order by increasing the amount, we can't do this, we can only lower the amount of the original charge, especially important now since we are selling out and may not have everything as we did before. If you need to increase the order, the best way to do it is to cancel the original order and put in another one.